Kruskopf + Co

My involvement with Kruskopf and Company and their client 3M Privacy Filters has spanned many years. Over the past 15 years we have been able to create highly entertaining and extremely effective material for 3M’s Privacy Screens for mobile technology. Most recently we were able to collaborate on a new video and print campaign. The agency helped coin the term  “visual hacking” to dramatize the very real risk of not protecting the private information on your screen from prying eyes around you. It has been a central idea in most of the work they create. Shooting this campaign inside the interior of a Boeing 767 created some production challenges but our crew from Smashbox in LA was more than up to the task. A special thanks to Air Hollywood for their help in this project. Their large warehouse space housing a few different commercial airplane interiors worked perfectly for this shoot. Plus, we really got a kick  their motto/tag line of “The safest airlines in the world”.